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Hi Everyone,

Things have been quiet from me for quite some time as I have been transitioning into a new organization but I hope to get back to providing updates and utilities here in the coming weeks.

I currently have a new version of Entry Inspector that is being readied that will have the following capabilities / fixes:

  • BugFix – Search Type – Display Name / Advanced Search Format – Will now accept view contexts and field display names in any all supported/installed locales, previously only English (the default) would function in this search mode, any other non-english view field labels in the query box would throw errors about not being valid fields.
  • Enhancement – Columns headers for results table to allow toggling between DB Names (current behavior) and Display Names based on the view context selected.
  • Enhancement – Ability to save & retrieve search queries by form/server
  • Enhancement – Ability to disable form load counts – In a couple of very large enterprises that use Entry Inspector, pointing to tables with millions of rows slows down entry inspector tremendously as every-time a form is selected it would wait while a count is returned to show the total number of entries in the form.  While in general, it is nice to see this information, for these clients it makes using tool cumbersome so I’m adding an opt-out option for this functionality, hopefully one day BMC adds a proper count stat into the solution that is self managed that could be leveraged to not have to do a SQL count to get this information accurately.
  • Maintenance – Updated all dependent libraries to the latest available and bundle the latest BMC Java API (9.1)

I am also exploring the possibility of having a ‘light-mode’ version that could leverage the new RESTful API rather then the Java API.  This might be useful if port access to the AR Server is blocked but RESTful/MidTier traffic is still allowed (possible use-case would be Remedy OnDemand instances…), wouldn’t have near all the capabilities available as using the Java API but for basic data access it might prove useful.  This will probably come in a different release then the items listed above though.

Wishing everybody a happy new year 🙂


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