Entry Inspector – View, Modify, Export & Delete Data

Entry Inspector is a paid tool that that is developed using the BMC Remedy Java API to put the power back in the Administrator/Developers hands when dealing with Remedy Data in the wake of the BMC Remedy User Tool being depreciated.

  • The ability to Query and display data from any form, including fields that normally are hidden
    • No more filtering through logs or un-hiding fields to see what data is hiding unseen
  • The ability to Modify single or bulk entries extremely quickly
    • No more relying upon slow ModifyAll or Escalations to fix data in bulk
  • The ability to Export single, selected or all entries within a Remedy form, in both ARX and CSV format
    • No more having to build reports for simply exporting data
  • The ability to Delete single, selected or all entries within a Remedy form extremely quickly
    • No more having to overlay your system to delete the odd entry

Login Converter – Utility for mass updating Login IDs

Login Converter is a freeware tool that is developed using the BMC Java API to allow for single or bulk update of Login IDs within a BMC Remedy system.

  • High performance updates from an old LoginID to a new LoginID utilizing merge action that bypasses workflow
    • Updates all Character Fields (regardless of size)
      • Match exact
      • (optional) Match surrounded by single/double quotes
      • (optional) Match surrounded by separators such as white-space, comma, period, pipe, semi-colon or colon
    • (optional) Updates all Status History entries
    • (optional) Updates all Diary Field entries