Entry Inspector 2.1 Released!

Hi Everyone,

Version 2.1 of the Entry Inspector has been released.  This is mostly a stability release rather then full of enhancements but there are a few nice ones that made the cut.

Here is a summary of the changes introduced in this version:

  • Added ability to do Create and Service actions against Display-Only Forms
  • Changed the field selection drop-downs to support auto-completion
  • Managing columns pop-up will allow for multiple actions now
  • Replaced existing login managers backend with an embedded database

That last item is an important first step towards other capabilities I’ll be including in future versions as this new settings database will eventually allow for persisting additional types of settings like saved search queries, commonly used SQL queries, results list column defaults per form, etc.

Because of this change to the new login backend, if you had previously installed Entry Inspector v2.0, your existing profiles.xml file will be automatically removed and replaced with a  You will need to re-add all your profiles manually though.

You can grab this version here:  

As always, if you are interested in a full version that removes the 20 record limit on actions, please click on the buy link below or email me at to arrange alternate payment.


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Upon check-out, you will receive your key via email in 1-2 business days. If you have any questions at all pre/post purchase you can reach me at


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